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"Tell them that Ellie is the little girl... that broke ur f***ing finger!" -Ellie Williams

Hello, we're A fan site for The Last of Us which aims to sell you the latest and greatest The Last of Us Merchandise.

A Game by Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog was once known as "Jam Software, Inc." before renaming in 1989, they are an American video game developer based in Santa Monica, California. Founded by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin in 1984 as an independent developer.

Playstation Exclusive

Naughty Dog was acquired by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2001 making "Jak and Daxter", Uncharted, and soon to be The Last of Us series exclusively on the Playstation platform.


The marketing team at Sony extensively tried to convince Naughty Dog to put Ellie on the backside of the game case or at the very least in the background on the cover of the game, pushing to have Joel in the foreground on the cover. Neil Druckmann, Bruce Straley and everyone else at Naughty Dog rejected this push and won.

The Last of Us - Part 2

Ellie grown up ready to take some revenge upon the unknowing Fireflies. Has she gone mad from the cordiceps evolving within her or has Joel succumb to the wrath of the Fireflies? Soon we will find out!

The Last of Us - Catalogue

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The Last of Us - Art Of
The Art of The Last of Us - Enjoy 184 pages of absolute breathtaking art!
The Last of Us Comic Book
The Last of Us: American Dreams is a four-issue miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics. 96-Pages in total.
Giraffe Plush
The Last of Us: Giraffe Plush - "This everything you were hoping for?" "It's got its ups and downs. You can't deny the view, though."
Happy Brick Plush
Brock the Brick Plush - Now you can have your very own Brock the Brick plush!
Joel's Watch
Joel's Watch - Limted Edition of 1,000 pieces, includes Certificate of Authenticity
Ellie's Fall Hoodie
Ellie's Fall Hoodie - Ellie's Hoodie from the Fall section of The Last of Us. Also known as the ice cream hoodie.
Ellie's Flannel Hoodie
Ellie's Red Flannel Hoodie - Ladies Full-Zip Hoodie inspired by Ellie
Firefly Hoodie
The Last of Us Firefly Hoodie - This hoodie features the Firefly symbol from The Last of Us on front. 10 oz. cotton/polyester blended fleece, full-zip hoodie in charcoal heather

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